More Rule Discussion Prior to Rule Set 2

Yes, well, I’ve caught on that you’re a wiseass.



I hope to set up an e-mail list for people to sign up soon, but haven’t yet. Below is the club, the rules, and the list.


Let me know what I’ve missed!






Proposal for updated rules:


The Club


The Watching Club is an experimental democratic group that aims, for now, to pay attention to attention, to what focused consciousness does of and to itself, and through practice to make beauty with observation.

Membership to the club is currently open. Members gain access to the list of watches and the parameters and are asked, if participating, to abide by the rules and to provide a 10-word (or fewer) description of what was watched using the watching club rules.  There are no other requirements for membership. All who receive the e-mail about upcoming watches are considered members. Members are not required to participate in every watch, although they are expected to watch according to the rules occasionally.

Send an e-mail to thewatchingclub {at} yhoo {dOt} to join.

This needs to say “yahoo”, yes? And {dOt} com?


The rule group determines the rules for the club. The current rules are listed below, and the blog portion of this site serves to document the discussion around rule changes and as a repository of previous sets of rules. Membership to the rule group is also currently open.


The Rules

(always subject to revision according to the rules group)


Bring your own chair. Seated is the prescribed position for watching; a chair may be moved at maximum of once an hour.


The minimum watch time is 2 hours; there is no maximum. Moving from the chair is allowed once an hour for 5 minutes. Plan accordingly.


A watch is synchronized in time and in subject but not necessarily in location. (In other words, if a watch of a convenience store is scheduled for noon-3pm Eastern Standard Time, participants on the West Coast would be able to participate from 9am-noon by watching a convenience store. Watchers are expected to vary slightly in interpretations of the subject as described by the rule group; watchers are expected to use “common sense” discretion and not to use the interpretation as an opportunity for wild divergent thinking.)

LOL. ( suggest deleting the word “standard” to accommodate daylight savings)

The list will be added to after watchers have submitted their 10-word descriptions to the rule group following the watch.

Suggest “updated” instead of “added to”— seems awkward.


No cellphones, even for checking the time.



The selection of what to watch is done by the rule group, and the rule group documents its decision-making process how it seems fit, currently by posting the e-mail discussion to the blog.


A group of watchers may choose to split into two groups during the watch: talkers and no-talkers.

If they don’t choose to split, are they no-talkers by default?

A group of watchers may choose to split into two groups after a watch, to process, if necessary: talkers and no-talkers.


SMS messages, limited to written characters, may be considered “talking” and not documentation (which is not allowed), provided these texts are deleted within 3 hours.

Agree, altho, i don’t see the need. Sorry, SMS? Is that texting?

Our membership is open.

Already said up top.
The rule group determines what gets watched next. The watchers watch.

Also a repeat.

The two groups may be comprised of the same people, but they are different groups.

Agree.  Add “talkers and no-talkers” to be more clear?



Currently, all rules are open for discussion, and the rule group determines of and by itself how rules are revised.


There is to be no documentation of the watching, EXCEPT the following three types:


  1. a list of what was watched, where the list items are fewer than 10 words per location, and
  2. whatever documentation becomes part of the rules, provided the rules discussion does not subvert the prohibition against documentation of the watch, and

Love this part. I consider the essence of the experiment!

  1. documentation of the rules group, its considerations, methods, and reasons for acting.



The List:



  1. In and around West Cemetery, Amherst, MA 2/21/16 from approximately 3:10pm until about 4:20pm. b. Anderson and Our Savior Lutheran Cemeteries from road between them 2/2/2016 from 12 noon to 3 pm pst in Stanwood, WA.



  1. An Art Gallery 4p-7p Eastern Time. 3/3/16.
  2. A Convenience Store 11a-2p Eastern Time. 3/13/16.






Christopher Janke


From: MM
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2016 3:01 PM
To: CJ
Cc: KC
Subject: Re: Rule Group


We don’t know each other too well so I wonder if you know that most of my responses are tongue in cheek. I bet Kelly knows it. I did feel distracted missing the two of you during the watch, though.
On Feb 26, 2016, at 6:42 PM, Christopher Janke <> wrote:

Typing on my phone so…

I was thinking that it was my role (as website maintainer) to synthesize and propose a set of updated rules for the rule group’s consideration. I do hold the opinion that our rules should be updated whenever we have new issues or approaches that the current rules don’t address, and I also hold the opinion that a concise set of rules is the best way to communicate the rules, especially to new members.

So I was not thinking so much of my role as editor but as consolidator of a new formulation for our joint consideration…


From: MM
Sent: ‎2/‎26/‎2016 7:39 PM
To: CJ
Cc: KC
Subject: Re: Rule Group

You’re going to edit me ?? !
On Feb 26, 2016, at 3:17 PM, Christopher Janke <> wrote:

I’m going to try to consolidate this advice into a new set of rules over the weekend.


Kelly, you’re quite mum. Feel free to chime in!


Christopher Janke


From: CJ
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 12:48 PM
To: MM, KC
Subject: RE: Rule Group


I just quickly looked at your version 2 and  I think there are only a few changes. What if you just added them in reply here with any additional thoughts you have regarding my replies?


Christopher Janke


From: MM
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 12:34 PM
To: CJ
Subject: Re: Rule Group


Uh, oh! Our emails crossed and we are now, unfortunately, out of sync. How do we fix it?

More Rule Discussion Prior to Rule Set 2

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