Rules Group Current Issues

I now call to order a de-facto meeting of the rule group that serves to guide the activities of The Watching Club.

We now have a website…

And we have other people interested in joining.

This e-mail will serve, for now, as a discussion for the Rules Group. If you no longer wish to be part of the Rules Group, please let me know.

If you want to remain a part, I’d love to know your thoughts on the following issues needing resolution:

-Cellphone policy.

-Moving one’s chair.

-Moving while watching; does it count?

-Abbreviated periods of watching (less than 3 hours). Is there a minimum amount of time?

-Multi-locational watching.

-Invitations to be part of the watching group; can anyone join? How do they join? Do they have to watch with another member or not? If not, do they simply send an item to be added to the list? Does the watching have to be roughly synchronous? How many watchers need to be watching at one time for it to count?

-Website: Suggestions? I’m managing it right now. Is that ok? Who should manage it? Also:

-Possible inclusion of The Watching Club in a show in NY. I’d like to post the rules and to schedule a watch that people could pick up information about

ALSO, can we schedule a watch IN the NYPOP space or near it? Too obnoxious? I’d like to schedule a few watches for the next few weeks.

Rules Group Current Issues

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