The Original Rules

The Rules:

(always subject to revision according to the process dictated by the rules group)

Bring your own chair.

We watch for 3 hours with (hopefully) no breaks.

We come up with something to watch somehow and try not to fight about it as we pick.

We document the method we used to pick.

We split into two groups to watch, if necessary: talkers and no-talkers.

We split into two groups after watching, to process, if necessary: talkers and no-talkers.

(Some watchers might want to watch in silence and then talk about it afterwards; some watchers might want to talk during but not after; some might want to talk both times, some not at all.)

We have open membership.

The rule group determines what gets watched next. The watching group watches.

The two groups can be comprised of the same people, but they are different groups.

At the outset, we have a rule group to determine the rules, and all rules are open for discussion, and there are no additional guidelines for how to revise the rules.

There is to be no documentation of the watching, either done before during or after the watching, EXCEPT the following three things:

A. a list of what was watched, where the list items are under 10 words, and

B. whatever documentation becomes part of the rules/guidelines, where we understand the rules and guidelines as that which is necessary to run the group and while this not need be a minimalist document, it also should not pretend to serve as rules and actually serve as a preservation or documentation of what was watched, and

C. documentation of the rules group, including what method was used to pick what was watched for each watching occasion, as well as documentation of the rules as they change, and, I hope, documentation of how and why they changed.

The Original Rules

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